Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Children of wrath with
A reprobate mind
Service of pleasure
Was all you could find
Without were fighting
And within were fears
Nothing but darkness
Hatred, malice, tears
Envy, spite, and pride
Sin reigned: but we died

The heart of God yearned
With goodwill to man
Offering peace on earth
In His out-stretched hands

Then a child was born
Who's like unto Thee
Dispersing darkness
Yet like unto me
He who knew no sin
Was made sin for us
The Sacrifice that
Rose victorious
Mortality and strife
Are swallowed in Life

The heart of God yearns
With goodwill to man
He gave peace on earth
By His pierced hands

We who were far off
Through Christ are made near
Seeking not our own
We hold Jesus dear
Unsearchable riches
Abundant mercy
Given the Son of God
To praise eternally
For the darkness is past
True Light shines at last

Come, heavy laden
He will give you rest
And learn of Him for
His burden is blessed
He is truth and love
He is meek and lowly
Come, you broken ones
He will make you whole

E.G.K. | 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


"Everyone should be able to do one card trick,

tell two jokes,

and recite three poems, in case they are ever trapped in an elevator."

Lemony Snicket (Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid)

Because in my present state of 1000 words from 50,000, but only 22/30 from the end of my book, I am desperate for brilliant distraction.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010








Christian's Hat




This is what I have been working on for the past year. Gwyned and Amelia were made with regular purchased patterns. Quinn was made with Grosgrain's Frock by Friday in May. For everything else, I either tweaked a pattern (Aubrey), designed with the help of patterns (Jocelyn. Jocelyn, Aubrey, & Gwyned are all from the same pattern), or from pictures (Reeve, Christian's Hat and Jocelyn), or designed completely (Starboard, Doris, Darcy).

I like this designing thing. :)

What do you think I should do with it? I would like to create purses to sell on Etsy, and maybe aprons and baby clothes. And of course, if anyone should like to order something... :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

"It is Truly Useful Since It is Beautiful."

The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Book

Can you believe it?! I'm not sure I can. :)

But yes, I have a real live copy of a(n albeit cheesy) book I wrote!

Those folks who participate in NaNoWriMo and complete the 50,000 word goal are given a free proof copy of their book. That's how I got this.

The book would need major over-hauling if I really wanted to get it published (which I don't), but it's lovely to have a tangible proof of all the work I put into the story last November.

Many thanks to Djaq for the beautiful cover she made for me!!!

(Josiah read the book, and told me about all of the times I accidentally repeated words or skipped them or misspelled them. My mother was horrified.)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Found on A Cup of Jo

My "new" and beautiful bicycle. I've been riding a couple times a week, and it's such fun!

She's in need of a name. What would you suggest?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Style of Geography

A friend and I were thinking about where states were in relationship to each other. So I tried my hand at making a map of the United States.

My apologies to the East, the South, the South West, the plain and mountain lands, Canada, and everybody from Arkansas.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Lovely Day for a Picnic

In honor of my dear friends Christian and Sara's birthdays, spring, and friendship, I gave a picnic.

I am quite sure I had more fun planning it than they did at the picnic.

The menu consisted of:
Cold Spinach Quiche with Fresh Tomatoes
Cheese Ball Spread on French Bread with Fresh Cucumbers
Carob Cupcakes with Butter Frosting
Snickerdoodle Croissant Cookies
Iced Sweetened Mint Tea

I made bunting. I think I'm going to hang it up in my room, now. If I can ever untangle it from the snarl it got into as we quickly took it down before the rain. :)

As I was making the food, I kept saying to my brothers, "Oh, this is so cute! Isn't it?"

They didn't really get it.

I was frightened it would rain, but it was beautiful, beautiful. Everything was so perfect and lovely. All of the dishes were real and beautiful, and they made me feel so elegant. And that little picnic hamper makes me feel like I have a yellow bicycle (which I do, now!!!) and live in England.

It was the perfect picnic.

(And that is my Frock by Friday frock. I want to do some alterations yet, though.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Making a dress with Grosgrain's lovely Frock by Friday!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I just finished up Wuthering Heights, and am now debating between Our Mutual Friend and That Hideous Strength. Which to read first? Also, greatly enjoying Happy Days.

Conspiracy of Kings is arriving in a few days!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Only the Best of Etsy Sample Package Giveaway!

A box of surprises being given away at Grosgrain!

It sounds delightful, so go over and read the post and enter!

Cherry Pop Refashion Frock Grosgrain Giveaway!

An oh-so-pretty dress, refashioned from a really ugly one! This is just the sort of thing I would like to do, but my machine is broken... *tears of anguish*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

If You Kind of Squint a Little

This painting looks like me. A little bit? More than anything else I have ever seen, at least.

Wojciech Korneli Stattler by Wojciech Korneli Stattler, I guess.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lovely Package II

Here are the pictures of the second lovely package that I got way back in August, and never posted. :)

Clever and beautiful packaging...

Yummy candy from all over the world! The Belgian Earl Grey Dark Chocolate is seriously the best I have had in my entire life.

Adorable paper things! Printed with gocco.

Little notecards. Almost too cute to use, don't you think? And the envelopes are lined with graph paper! *melts*

A little print of "Little Oso." I'm presently very interested in the constellations, so this makes me happy!

A train pencil. Isn't that perfect?!

Beautiful and happy! Thank you, Nicole and Jason!