Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Style of Geography

A friend and I were thinking about where states were in relationship to each other. So I tried my hand at making a map of the United States.

My apologies to the East, the South, the South West, the plain and mountain lands, Canada, and everybody from Arkansas.


  1. You are forgiven, although Alberta needs to go where Saskatchewan is, Manitoba needs to go where Alberta is, and the empty province with no name is where Saskatchewan goes. But I must say, I like your interpretation of Quebec...if it was that small in real life we wouldn't have so much trouble with them! ;) All in all, I think you did a rather nice job with the States, they can be a bit complicated... :)


  2. Yes... Considering I live in the United States, I'm rather more used to them than any part of Canada, although I'm closer to Canada than most of the states.... I know where B.C. is because my parents used to live there, but only in the vaguest sense. :)

    We couldn't even remember if Saskatchewan was a real place, or if I'd made it up. Likewise, Northwest Territories. But I made up a new state for us in the U.S: The Wasteland, situated somewhere east of Las Vegas.

  3. Hehe, I like your new state. ;) Are you the first Governor of the state? If so, may I come visit you in your Governor's mansion? ;)

    Rest assured the Northwest Territories are quite real- although there's also Nunavut and the Yukon up there too. =)

  4. No, I'm not the governor. I don't think it's been discovered, much less mapped out and organized enough to have a governor. Hence, the governor's mansion might be made out of a few sticks. I'd love for you to visit me, though!

  5. A governor's mansion of a few sticks would still be a fun thing to visit, mayhaps construction will have started on the mansion by the time of my arrival? How are the roads in this new place? :)