Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Book

Can you believe it?! I'm not sure I can. :)

But yes, I have a real live copy of a(n albeit cheesy) book I wrote!

Those folks who participate in NaNoWriMo and complete the 50,000 word goal are given a free proof copy of their book. That's how I got this.

The book would need major over-hauling if I really wanted to get it published (which I don't), but it's lovely to have a tangible proof of all the work I put into the story last November.

Many thanks to Djaq for the beautiful cover she made for me!!!

(Josiah read the book, and told me about all of the times I accidentally repeated words or skipped them or misspelled them. My mother was horrified.)


  1. ELIZABETH!!!!! God is truly shining upon you, and I just know in my bones that you will be published someday... I just know it!!! I admire your fortitude and humbled by your talent. You go, girl! :)

  2. It's so exciting! And beautiful! :D

    Congratulations once more! :D

  3. Two thumbs up! :D

    (And, judging the book by its cover, it is utterly charming and Place-like.)

  4. That is wonderful! The cover is great.

  5. Oh, it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it! :D
    Where did you get it printed, and how long did it take for it to be finished and arrive back at your home? :)

  6. Mel... Djaq did the cover, so that doesn't say anything about what's inside it... :P

    Rebecca: I'm glad! :D
    I got it printed at createspace, which is like a branch of Amazon? NaNoWriMo gave everyone who finished their novel a free one through that company, but you can pay for more, and they're not too expensive. Once I finally formatted it the way they needed it, it took like two days to be published (or less: I was surprised at how quickly it took), and then a week or so to arrive, because I took the cheapest shipping.

  7. Oh, ok, neat! I'll have to check that out! :D Though I'm rather far from finishing my editing. :p Thanks. :D

  8. *agrees that Djaq did a fabulous job* You forget that you sent me an excerpt. I do have some idea of what's inside. :p

  9. Mrs. Frantz says......I'm always horrified, too, when I catch such errors on some of your friends 'final copy' writings!! =))))

    Good Job, Elizabeth! This is exciting.