Friday, June 17, 2011

Le Petit Prince

Under a new moon
Suspended in flight
I heard laughter
Clear and bright
Black canvas above
Speckled with starlight
Made me remember
That long ago night

I'm a man with a youngish soul
And the grown-ups never know
That the things you never see
Are more important than
This world they take so seriously

So I lived all alone
With no one to speak
To until the great smash
Where you found me and asked
Please, draw me a sheep

Though you wouldn't hear me
You have tamed me
Made me ever haunted
By the sheep's small muzzle
And the flower's fate

Whether skies are clear
Or flying stormy
There's one star
In the world for me

Move your chair over
Watch another sunset
From here I see you
Clearly with my heart

E.G.K. | 2011