Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Children of wrath with
A reprobate mind
Service of pleasure
Was all you could find
Without were fighting
And within were fears
Nothing but darkness
Hatred, malice, tears
Envy, spite, and pride
Sin reigned: but we died

The heart of God yearned
With goodwill to man
Offering peace on earth
In His out-stretched hands

Then a child was born
Who's like unto Thee
Dispersing darkness
Yet like unto me
He who knew no sin
Was made sin for us
The Sacrifice that
Rose victorious
Mortality and strife
Are swallowed in Life

The heart of God yearns
With goodwill to man
He gave peace on earth
By His pierced hands

We who were far off
Through Christ are made near
Seeking not our own
We hold Jesus dear
Unsearchable riches
Abundant mercy
Given the Son of God
To praise eternally
For the darkness is past
True Light shines at last

Come, heavy laden
He will give you rest
And learn of Him for
His burden is blessed
He is truth and love
He is meek and lowly
Come, you broken ones
He will make you whole

E.G.K. | 2010

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