Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You Benefactors

I feel a little 1940ish in this skirt. I remind myself of Elvis when I turn up the collar. Don't ask why. My shoes take me back to the 1920s. And my necklace reminds me of my bestest friend. All this added together equals a outfit (okay, I really don't like that word. Substitutes, anyone?) that I can't help liking.

Jacket: Hand-Me-Down
Blouse: Thrifted
Locket: Gift
Skirt: Hand-Me-Down
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Tights: Walmart
Sunglasses: equivalent of a dollar store

Cheap I am.

Trying to be cool.


I've been thinking... This skirt is really washed out, and I don't look good in blue. Should I dye it? I was thinking something like brown. Anyone had any experience with dyeing faded clothes? I love the skirt's make, but it's starting to not look presentable.


  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    I am Emily Rose, a fellow Christian, homeschooled young lady. :D I found your blog through Sarah Mae's, and I have enjoyed reading your posts. Your clothing style is very classy! :) I see that you just began blogging - I hope you like it. I have found blogging a greatly enjoyable hobby!

    May God bless you, Elizabeth!
    Miss Emily Rose

  2. Love the shades! Yeah I know what you mean about faded skirts - have a bunch and I can't part with them because they're so comfortable, but they're shockingly washed out. I've never tried dyeing, though I am seriously considering taking out all the seems and using it as a pattern to make more skirts.

  3. That skirt has a history. My skirt that's my equivalent of that, is quite faded too, and I've given up on it. It never suited me anyway. And now it just looks silly on me. Too short and all that.

  4. What a fun blog! I love your *cool* poses! :)