Monday, January 12, 2009

For Lydia

So I enter the blogging world. For my friend. Whom I befriended and was befriended by because a NCFCA qualifier can be a big, lonely place. We hit it right off, and walked about ten miles and talked straight for about four (right?) hours.

Lydia has a blog. I know all about her because she has one. (And her sisters have them.) Lydia doesn't know all about me, because I don't have a blog. I don't think that's fair. So welcome to my little world.

I've thought about getting a blog for a long time. What I'll write, who knows? This is just for Lydia, so she's the only one who's obligated to read it. :)

My blog name comes from the book How Green Was My Valley. It was a line the mother - a good, motherly, beautiful mother - would say.I love that book because of the emotions, passions, and reality of the writing. I love books for their feelings.

So, Lydia, here I am!

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  1. *celebrates*

    Elizabeth got a blog, Elizabeth got a blog!!!

    Thanks so much!!